Investment objectives and investment strategy

The aim of the investment policy of D & R Amwal GCC SICAV – Equity Fund (the "sub-fund") is to achieve reasonable capital growth in the sub-fund currency while taking investment risk into account. The sub-fund aims to invest in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states.

Fund Overview

Fund Manager Donner & Reuschel Luxemburg S.A.
Investment adviser Amwal LLC
Investment Company


Custodian Bank DZ PRIVATBANK S.A
Auditor of the Investment Company PricewaterhouseCoopers
Management Fee calculated pro rata and paid monthly in arrears at the end of each month
Performance Fee 15% (for share class A)
up to 9% (for share classes I)

Why is it so important to have a UCITS Fund ?
Some of Benefits of UCITS Funds:

Liquid Securities only
  • · 0% Exposure to Commodities
  • · 0% Exposure to Property / Real Estate
  • · 0% Exposure to Private Equity
  • · 0% Exposure to illiquid securities
Risk Management
  • · Daily risk monitoring is carried out to ensure compliance with fund restrictions.
  • · Fund Managers are financially liable for any losses incurred from any advertent breaches of the Fund restrictions.
  • · A Fund cannot borrow more than 10% of the NAV
· Issuer Control Limits
  • · A Fund cannot hold more than 10% of any one companies issued stocks, bonds or money market instruments, including through derivatives
  • · Daily marked to market
  • · Daily or weekly liquidity
Investment Restrictions
  • · Physical short-selling is disallowed.
Corporate Governance
  • · All directors of a Fund must be independent of the Investment Manager
  • · An independent Auditor, Administrator and Custodian must be appointed
  • · Independent Risk Reporting must be provided
  • · Underlying holdings
  • · Semi-annual and annual reports
  • · Prospectus must give particular risk warnings


The performance of the different share classes of the sub-fund shall be indicated in the relevant "Key Investor Information Document".

As a general rule, past results offer no guarantee of future performance. We cannot guarantee that the objectives of the investment policy will be achieved. The Management Company will exclusively review the investment principles described in the investment policy.