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Qatar’s Amwal named “Alpha Champion” by EMEA Finance

Qatar’s Leading Asset Management Firm recognised for highest Alpha in the MENA Region

Publisher: AME Info.

Date : 07 March 2015

In recognition for its excellent investment performance track record, Amwal, Qatar’s leading independent asset management firm was named the ‘Best Asset Manager’ for the fourth year in a row in Qatar and named “Alpha Champion” of the region by EMEA Finance.

In its announcement, EMEA Finance noted “We are happy to name Amwal the best asset manager in Qatar for the fourth consecutive year. The firm’s performance continues to impress not only within the Qatari market but in the broader MENA equities space. Amwal is clearly an Alpha Champion, with the Qatar Gate Fund outperforming its benchmark every calendar year since inception, an impressive 9 years running” – Tim Burke, editor, EMEA Finance

Afa Boran, Head of Asset Management, further stated: “We are pleased to receive this award and recognition of our performance track record year after year. Success in asset management requires hard work, focus and discipline, and Amwal is lucky to have the right mix.”

Sharing his views on the Qatari stocks, Boran commented, “This year is going to be distinctive due to the effects of the drop in oil prices on company profits within the region which are likely to be seen as companies report their profits in quarters ahead. Our focus is on positioning our portfolios ahead of these earnings announcements, so we can continue to be one step ahead of the market. Overall, the stock market offers good upside in the medium term, but stock selection is very important; particularly now much more than before”.

Fahmi Alghussein, CEO of Amwal, said, “I am very proud of our asset management team, which have consistently delivered strong performance over the years. We are honoured to receive the award for the fourth consecutive year. Our funds have achieved one of the highest outperformance over five year returns in the MENA region, which is not only a testament to our strategic investment approach but also reiterates our clients trust and firm believe in us.